The Dislike Club (finale/ABC version)

In this program (which originally aired on the ABC last December) your host makes his final attempt to build the ultimate anti-social-media-social-platform. Things continue to decline: the phone in the hand becomes the phone on a stick in the hand. And we meet a controversial blogger who overnight becomes one of the internet’s most disliked people. Plus, of course the real dislike club. Thanks to our sponsor


**** the DISLIKE CLUB Finale was commissioned by RADIOTONIC from the ABC’s Creative Audio Unit. For best enjoyment listen to the whole six part series, but this installment stands on its own


New York After Rent (III of III)

Our series concludes with an attempt to examine the suburbanized commodified inner cityscape of New York. Author and activist Sarah Schulman tells us about the Gentrified Mind, plus we hear from one of the first Airbnbers of New York. PLUS  a sneak preview of a new rock musical everyone will soon be talking about.


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New York After Rent (II of III)

Our series continues with a journey from Avenue B to Bushwick: Kathy Kirkpatrick tells us about the final days of her Life Cafe in the East Village and essayist Tim Kreider tells us about his exile in Bushwick. Plus your host tries to make sense of the first time he got a glimpse of the new New York at a party in late September 2008.

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New York After Rent (I of III)

The financial crisis of September 2008 overshadows one of the most important events in recent New York History: the arrival of Airbnb. And while your host wasn’t paying attention back then either, today he is fed up with the commodification of every square inch of the city. But what if the Airbnb economy is also changing the way New York City dreams and makes art? Can it be stopped? Housing Activist Murray Cox gives us a tour of his insideairbnb project, Sociologist Richard Ocejo takes us on a jaunt through Hell Square, and legendary performance artist Penny Arcade shows us around “the big cupcake”.


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Dark Karma

“G.S.” was one of the first friends I made when I moved to Bozeman, Montana many years ago. The story he told me about how bad karma brought him from Devon, England to the C.U.T. bomb shelters in Gardiner, Montana still haunts me. A few years ago we reconnected and he recounted the whole story for me. Also Astronomer Chris Impey explains how Dark Energy will end it all.


Radio WIFM

Decades before the first shot was fired in the American revolution a band of runaway slaves known as the Maroons living in the mountains in Colonial Jamaica took on the British Empire and won.  I’ve long been obsessed with the Maroons and so last summer I jumped at the opportunity to visit their compound in Charlestown for the annual celebration of their 1739 victory. I learned the Maroons hope to play a leading role today as Jamaica moves down the path of Marijuana decriminalization and legalization, but some of the folks I met claim the Maroons are still listening to Radio What’s Innit Fo Me?



When You’re Lonely, Life is Very Long (rebroadcast)

After moving to New York alone, writer Olivia Laing discovered the truth about loneliness. She says it is a gift.  Eric Klinenberg explains why more and more people are choosing to live alone and why cities like New York must invest in housing stock that singletons actually want to live in, the type of housing they have in Scandinavian countries.  In Denmark when someone dies alone, and no-one claims the body, the authorities put an ad in the newspaper calling forPossible Relatives. This is also the title of a photo-book by Danish photographer Tina Enghoff.  She tells us about the pictures she took of the apartments after the dead were removed. Some of these bodies went undiscovered for months.


Theory of Everything — Internship Program

Theory of Everything  is a radio show produced and hosted by Benjamen Walker it is part of the Radiotopia podcast collective/network from PRX. It’s based in New York City.  We’re pleased to announce a unique internship program.

Interns will help with general intern-y kinds of tasks, such as: logging and cutting tape, booking guests, creating transcripts for past episodes, and performing basic website maintenance (HTML knowledge not required). There will also be opportunities to work on all aspects of the program including possible reporting/voice work.

In addition, interns will have the opportunity to do things that interest them, such as: pitching story ideas, working on stories with the host, editing scripts, creating web content, (possibly) reporting and writing, or maybe working on something else that hasn’t been thought of yet.

As such, our ideal candidate:

– Is very familiar with the show.

– Has experience in audio production, Pro Tools.

– Is a self-starter, and is excited by the possibilities of this position’s self-directed nature.

– Has a strong idea about what s/he wants to get out of this internship.

Interns will receive a stipend of $700/month, and are expected to work with the host two days per week. Hours can be flexible to accommodate other work.

To apply, please send an email to with…

– A resume

– A cover letter

– Two references

– Links to two or three projects that you are proud of, such as radio stories, writing, websites, etc. (Please don’t send media as attachments. If referring us to audio work, please make sure that audio can be downloaded from the host site. PRX does this automatically; Soundcloud requires that you enable this feature when you upload).

Also, please answer the below questions in the body of your email.

1. Do you currently reside in NYC?

2. What kind of relevant experience do you have?

3. How much experience do you have using Pro Tools (or comparable audio editing software)?

4. What do you hope to get out of this experience?

Our first internship will run early April – june 2015. Priority will be given to local applicants, at least for the time being.

The deadline to apply is March 15th. Again, the address to send everything is


An Illumination

Cédric Villani won the prestigious Fields Medal for his work in 2010.  He wrote a book about his experience called Birth of a Theorem: A Mathematical Adventure. It is a book about where ideas come from. There is something spider like about Villani, and I say that not just because of the pins he is famous for always wearing. He knows how to catch ideas, and he wants to teach us how as well. We also talk with Maria Popova about another great Science book: The art of Scientific Investigation. I found this book thanks to the idea catching web that Maria Popova built:




Occupy Siberia (dislike club prequel)


Yours truly is recuperating from 2014 in France but wishing you a happy holiday. Hope you enjoyed the programming this year. The dislike club series pretty much contains everything I have ever wanted to say about social media. Been thinking about all this stuff for quite some time now,  but it all started to crystalize when I got invited to Russia three years ago. I made a show about that trip for my old radio program “too much information” (it used to run on WFMU). I updated it a bit and offer it here, as the ToE 2014 holiday special – or the dislike club prequel.

***ALERT*** heard from a bunch of you now that you can’t find the DISLIKE CLUB Finale. Just search for this word: RADIOTONIC and you will find a radio show called Radiotonic from the ABC’s Creative Audio Unit. They commissioned the finale. Download it here. Or subscribe to their podcast. Look for the Dec 21st episode called the Dislike Club – that is part VI (the finale).

Logical Fantasies (the dislike club part V)

In the penultimate episode of our series, Kathy Sierra tells us how one tweak could fix everything and ToE’s Chris tells us the secret origin of Facebook. PLUS #marksbros (as in Zuckerberg)  #marxhegel (as in Groucho)

***ALERT*** the DISLIKE CLUB Finale was commissioned by RADIOTONIC from the ABC’s Creative Audio Unit. Download it here. Or subscribe to their podcast. Look for the Dec 21st episode called the Dislike Club – that is part VI (the finale).

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