The Clouds (part 1 of 3)

Twitter employee #7 tells us what happened when Justin Bieber joined twitter in 2009. An Amazon Data scientist, explains how the cloud is changing our relationship with technology, Obama’s CTO Harper Reed explains why the cloud is awesome + we tour Parse, a hot hot hot (BaaS). But can your host get inside the cloud?

cloudsmovingimage1*********Click on the image for the whole story about this week’s installment**********

7 thoughts on “The Clouds (part 1 of 3)

  1. Hunt

    Really enjoyed the new podcast, especially the discussion with Parse’s Charity Majors. Within a week of listening to the podcast, I noticed Facebook acquired Parse. Nice timing!

  2. Matt Fisher

    So glad you’re doing these. Any chance you could drop the occasional archival episode, or a Radio Nightlight episode?

  3. Jeff

    I agree with Matt & Bill! Give us archival episodes and let me add this to my iTunes podcatcher!

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