Red, White, Blue & Orange

A torture expert records an imaginary criterion commentary track for the torture scenes in Zero Dark Thirty. We learn about Umarov Muhibullah, one of the first innocent men to be released from Guantanamo. And your host ponders why Guantanamo is still open.

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4 thoughts on “Red, White, Blue & Orange

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  3. rolleduppantleg

    Hey, Thanks for this story. It was truly one of the best podcast experiences I had last year. If you are still interested in an SF Uber/Lyft/ cabbie correspondent for your podcast, I suggest Kelly Dessaint. He blogs and did some zine and print work. Here it is-
    I am done. Done driving, done thinking about Uber. Have to start rehabbing my gimp leg from 8 years of driving.
    Keep up the excellent work,

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