Backspace to the Future (the dislike club part I)

Paul Ford is a technologist and a writer, sometimes these two things blur. For example, he’s currently working on a book about webpages, but he’s also building a content management system for webpages –  because you know it could help with the writing.  (yeah his book is late) Its not like he’s trying to procrastinate, this is just what life is like when you are Paul Ford.  A couple of Monday night’s ago he was sitting on his couch drinking some rye whisky and chatting with his friends on twitter  and he accidentally a brand new webpage community.  This is the true origin story of his Yours truly also started a new thing it is called We also check in with Librarian and community manager Jessamyn West for advice on how to start an online community that doesn’t suck.

Screen shot 2014-11-14 at 12.03.46 PM

The Dislike Club is  a story-in-progress, it will play out on the podcast over the next few weeks and then culminate December 21 on Radiotonic, from ABC RN’s Creative Audio Unit.


9 thoughts on “Backspace to the Future (the dislike club part I)

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  2. kalanite bluestar

    so… came in to get a link to dislike club part 1 and what immediately hits me… advertising ~ i dislike that :o(

  3. Ray Pang

    I love this series, and now completely understand why there is no TOE page on facebook. A lot of thoughts I have had about social media were more eloquently stated during this 6 part series. Thanks for all the work you put into making entertaining, informative, and fun podcasts.

  4. Devoidr

    After listening to this episode, I was inspired to make my own social media service. It’s a lot like what the dislike club could end up being. I think it’s right down the alley of anybody who enjoyed this episode.

  5. ricardo

    Great show! I have been going through the site, listening while cooking, washing the dishes, hanging out, no screen, no eyes, just great. Do you publish somewhere the songs played on the shows? I am particularly interested on the closing piece of this installment. Thanks!

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